Velvet Touch Wheel Services, Inc. began in 1997, out of the bed of one pick-up truck. The idea was to try and create an industry that had previously been non-existent. That industry being mobile “on-site” wheel repair. The initial approach was to market the pre-owned vehicles at the dealership level. Previously auto dealers had very few options to repair cosmetically damaged wheels. They either sent wheels out to stationary wheel repair facilities, thus rendering the car inoperable and consequently unable to sell for approximately 3-7 minimum working days. The other option was to offset this down time by replacing the wheel. Unfortunately the outrageously high prices of modern alloy wheels rendered this option virtually obsolete unless a prospective buyer demanded a new wheel.

The reaction we received when we first showed the dealerships that they could have that cosmetically damaged wheel repaired at their facility in approximately one hour without removing the wheel from the vehicle, and at a fraction of the cost of replacement, was overwhelmingly positive. Since then the advent and popularity of certifying pre-owned vehicles has created a huge demand for “used” vehicles to take on a “like new” appearance. In order to meet these demands Velvet Touch Wheel Services Inc. has grown from 2 trucks in San Diego and Orange County to currently 15 trucks and still growing.

We are excited to announce that as of November 1, 2005 Velvet Touch Wheel Services, Inc. has joined forces with Mike Judd, owner of Mike Judd Wheel Recon in Orange County to form Velvet Touch Wheel Services of Orange County, Inc. This merge has provided us the opportunity to hire more technicians, create new technologies and services.

Velvet Touch's philosophy is and always has been simple, “ to provide the highest quality wheel repair and the most friendly, honest & dependable customer service” known to man.

We choose to use only the highest quality urethane paints and clear coats as well as requiring the most professional quality standards from our highly skilled technicians, to ensure the most positive wheel repair experience possible. Complacency is simply unacceptable to us. As wheel and tire combinations continue to advance so does our research to utilize new and improved methods and materials.

Albeit not as convenient as mobile wheel repair, we do offer to our customers outside of the San Diego, Orange County and Riverside regions of California, a 24 - 48 hour turn around on all repairs shipped to our facility in San Diego or Orange County.

Whether on or off the vehicle, we promise 100% satisfaction on all our repairs. We stand behind each and every wheel repair as if it were our own.

So whether you're an automotive dealer, automotive body shop, tire center or private party who can appreciate the convenience and cost effective approach of having your wheels repaired at your facility, home or office; we look forward to showing you that there is a difference between mobile wheel repair companies.

We genuinely hope to add you to one of our extremely satisfied references.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

From all of us at Velvet Touch Wheel Services, Inc.

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